Strategic Economic Consulting

“The strategy – the concept of the vision of defining long-term goals and objectives of the organization , as well as the methods of allocation of resources necessary to meet these objectives”

Both the rapid development of many organizations, expansion into new markets and the same changes in the business environment cause the need for continuous improvement of business objectives and ways to achieve them. This has its impact on the need for implementation of new or upgrading and modifying existing business strategies that through better adaptation to changing environmental conditions, allows improving efficiency, building sustainable advantage and strong position against competitors, ensuring sustainable development of the whole organization while creating value for owners.

The mere possession of even the best strategy does not guarantee success as the practice shows the main problem of most organizations is to implement and translate developed strategies into concrete actions. Difficulties in implementation are mainly due to the lack of experienced and insufficient internal resources on the side of businesses, but also can be derived from the lack of a document that is incomprehensible, and included in its objectives are not clearly defined.

Executive Networks Polish drawing on the experience in strategic consulting projects in Poland and implemented within the framework of an international group offers a comprehensive and effective support both in the development and modification and implementation of new business strategies. This comprehensive service ensures proper fit strategy to meet the needs of the organization and its effective communication and translating into concrete actions in different organizational units of the company.

The design process is a multi- strategy of the organization and must be based on a thorough knowledge of the needs and the current state of the company. With this in mind, the advisor should pay particular attention to cooperation with the board in order to build the knowledge base necessary to carry out project work. An important stage in development of the strategy is also to analyze the market in which the company operates and SWOT analysis, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats.

So the analyzes allow to construct the strategic balance and preparation of business strategy and its supporting functional strategies containing specific objectives, initiatives and measures for monitoring the status of their implementation.

Correctly designed and properly implemented strategy can achieve a competitive advantage and focus on the most profitable activities thus ensuring zooming goodwill and easy to control and the ability to quickly assess the implementation of the goals.