Interim Management and Business Coaching

Economic activity is fraught with risk, associated with both the business processes and activities undertaken by specific individuals in the enterprise. Therefore, taking into account the existence of different kinds of events in the organization, you should consider the following issues:

  • What can happen in the case of absence of the right people in the company who are a responsible for implementing important projects?
  • What if the key to the business person suddenly go away?
  • How, without losing valuable time carry out significant changes in the company?
  • What are the consequences of such a situation and how you can continue to work and be successful?

Despite the precautions we have a manager in relation to the changes that may have occurred sitution that will cause chaos in the functioning of the company. Most problems occur most often when:

  • reorganization or restructuring,
  • merger of companies,
  • crisis situation,
  • major changes,
  • momentary lack of a suitable candidate for the position of manager at the highest level or long absence,
  • implementation of large and complex project,
  • weaker economic conditions.

Each of the above situations, although different, may require the assistance of an external expert. The ideal solution in this case is the Interim Management service (called Interim Management). For the duration of the project or task, the disposal of the company is returned expert (Interim Manager), a manager with years of experience and unique expertise, necessary for the realization of complex projects and tasks. Interim manager includes key management positions in the company customer, solving specific problems of management in many areas of business activities. A significant advantage of the Interim Manager is that he bears full responsibility for the results of his work. Customer leaves the company only at the time when implemented by the project is completed, the results are satisfactory for the customer and the place of Interim Manager is accepted new manager/director who shall be communicated to all the duties, knowledge and tools used in the project.

As part of the Executive Networks projects, repeatedly reaching for the experience and competence of our Interim Managers. All these activities are to help our clients in the implementation of projects identified by the optimal time management practices and focus on results. Our Interim Managers being experts in their field and through a specific position in the client’s company have the ability to objectively and rapid identification of the main threats. Not being involved in the internal circuits Personal effectively and quickly make decisions and act in a more optimal than the permanent management team or an external consultant.

Interim management is in many cases the most effective and beneficial form of achieving a rapid improvement in the condition of the company or the effective implementation of a comprehensive program of change. The advantage of this approach include:

  • the opportunity of work with the best, specific competencies, market specialists,
  • acquisition of knowledge and learning from an expert,
  • lack of employment and related achievements,
  • saving time and resources,
  • speed and professionalism in action.