The effectiveness of IT investments

The role of information technology in modern organizations is very important, IT permeates almost every aspect of the business. Enterprises wanting to keep up with the constant changes in the environment and gain an edge over the competition, they decide to invest in modern and advanced technologies. At the same time, these investments do not bring in many cases expected results (business benefits) – this is confirmed by numerous studies carried out in enterprises. The reason for this is the inefficient management of enterprise IT area. This is due to the fact that:

  • lack of correlation of the role and functions of IT with corporate strategy resulting in both placed in the IT expectations are not met as well as investment and spending on information technology are not tailored to the needs of business,
  • IT costs are not subject to adequate control and are too high, resulting in low return on investment in IT,
  • are detached from each business planning and IT planning,
  • IT planning is mainly focused on technology rather than in direct support of the implementation of the strategic objectives of the company,
  • lack of a common language between business and IT managers.

Nowadays, companies can not afford ineffective management of such an important area as IT. Just look to the role of IT in organizations and the value it adds to the business. IT performs this function in the following dimensions: service and innovative. The service allows an organization to effectively execute the strategy for example by speeding up and streamlining processes, automating and reducing costs. The organization creates innovative new prospects that without the use of information technology would not be possible. It could be for example: improving customer satisfaction, entering new markets or launching an innovative product, creating a new model to compete. Both of these functions are a fundamental way to return on capital invested in the organization and on the growth prospects of the company.

Executive Networks recognizing the difficulties of enterprises in investing and managing IT meets the expectations of its customers by helping them to use a structured approach to the effective use of information technology in organizations. Drawing on our experience in IT consulting projects implemented for both small and large companies with many branches, we offer effective support in:

  • optimize operating costs and investments in IT,
  • selection and implementation of IT systems,
  • processes of price negotiations with suppliers of IT services,
  • building IT strategy and transformation process,
  • building a model of IT operations,
  • IT services organization,
  • developing methods to measure the effects of IT.

Our services guarantee  using of IT solutions that will effectively support the implementation of the corporate strategy while minimizing the costs associated with the operation of IT.