IT System Selection and Implementation Support

The key to development is to provide appropriate IT solutions that enable effective implementation of the strategy defined within your organization. The higher the cost of the carefully planned investment should be the more objectively analyze possible solutions and the wider spectrum should be considered.

We provide customer support services both in the selection of an appropriate IT solutions and in all phases of implementation, in particular large class of information systems including ERP SAP and Oracle. Experienced advisors will help you to formulate requirements for the IT system to organize its choice (including under the Public Procurement Law) and successfully negotiate an implementation agreement and license. At the request of customers we supervise the implementation to ensure its high quality, timely start and compliance with the budget. We make sure that the new systems brought tangible benefits to the business side.

  • Specifications of needs created for initial implementation methods on the target system (the technical and licensing)
  • The selection process is realized based on knowledge concerning the characteristics and resources of companies implementing
  • Pre-implementation analysis performed by the contractor is in addition supplement and verification executive and developed solutions rather than the process of their construction (thereby enabling contractors “impose” solutions implementation)
  • Implementation of SAP realised with the current review of the substantive results achieved by reducing arising risks (prepared to start and tests will not be the first contact with the actual result of the work with the contractor)
  • Advisor support communication in the scope of the objectives of common implementation issues translating into the language of business. This protect the global objectives (the entire implementation) of a business
  • Preparing for start implemented on the basis of tests developed by the Adviser whose performance is largely confirmation of the efficiency of the implementation of the agreed scope rather than redefinition of the scope (prevention of “rescuing” the schedule by the Contractor with less thoroughness in the implementation of changes and amendments)
  • Go-live is realized based on the priorities of the customer (due to the existence in the earlier stages of a complete review of the substantive effects of the implementation and impact on them). As a result, the possible pressure to run the system without the actual risks not identified by the contracting authority of contractor is eliminated
  • The scope of maintenance of the system adjusted to the actual identified post-implementation needs based on the ability of the contractor or any other entity and using internally developed competencies within the organization (customer is not “doomed” to keep the implementation by contractor – simplifying margin is ~30%, the margin under the maintenance ~60% hence maintenance services are usually the result of up-sale suppliers).