“No advantage, no business model or a single category of assets does not last forever”

(za: Harvard Business Review)

Harvard Business Review

We help our clients to develope and implement effective strategies through supporting achievement of the main goal: building value for shareholders and owners or increase the value of the company. We help management board to formulate business strategy and translate strategic objectives for action in the operational areas. We support our clients not only during the construction of the concept, but also at the stage of implementation developed solutions in life – in whole life cycle strategy (depicted below). The most important for us is to work closely with the client what in results produce solutions based on a thorough knowledge of the industry taking into account global best practices.

Building a corporate strategy, and individual or functional business strategies require interdisciplinary knowledge, ranging from economic, marketing and competitiveness analysis – by defining strategic goals and initiatives – up to developing plans to implement the strategy.

In determining the strategy of the company we are looking answers for several strategic questions:

  • What is core of our business?
  • Where are its borders?
  • What positions would we like to gain on the market?
  • What differentiates us from competition?
  • What are the most important for our company??

Our approach is based on the formulation of a strategy based on the steps described below:

    1. Analysis of the policy context (as-is condition) – Strategic analysis of the company including the external and internal company environemnt and verification of the current strategy.
    2. Recognizing the strategic aspirations of the Board (as to-be) – determining vision and directions of the development of the business and organizational dimensions combined with identifying the key elements of the culture and identity of the company.
    3. The definition of the objectives and strategic initiatives – shifting aspirations of the Management Board for main target, strategic and operational objectives and defining their metrics and support strategic initiatives.

Formulation of an effective strategy is not enough to achieve success. Many companies have serious problems with the translation of the developed vision and strategic objectives to implement them in practice.