Transformation of the industry introducing market competition conditions and a new approach to environmental protection is a challenging task and an opportunity for significant development of the sector. The effects of these actions will determine the situation of the industry in the coming years .

Many companies are facing a key decisions about the future. Which one of them take best advantage of others? With its experience in such challenging for the company and sector support moments of strategic change processes, business and technology. We bring knowledge and industry-specific requirements and expectations of investors, maintaining an independent adviser.

To meet the challenges of a rapidly growing market and the energy sector in MENA countries we use the experience we have obtained in the past 10 years based on the transformation of the energy sector in Poland using the best practices of Western Countries.

Our work is characterized by:

  • Knowledge of the industry and its key business processes,
  • Understanding the challenges facing the industry in the MENA Countries based on our experience of transformation in Poland and CEE,
  • Experience and understanding of the changing role of IT in the energy sector as a “business enabler”,
  • The ability to adapt our services to the specific industry.