Competency Model and Work Effect Management

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Implementation of the strategy requires the construction of an appropriate capital management strategy oriented from one side to develop skills, attitudes and behaviors in support of the objectives of the company  (ie competence) and on the other hand the orientation on the results. In order to achieve effective strategy system it is necessary appropriate identification, definition and development of staff competence and concentration on the effects of their work.

Our services associated with defining the expectations of competence and its influence on diagnosis and then creating system solutions adequate to the needs of development activities and enhancing performance.

Our services in this area include:

Competency Models

Competency model is a response to the question relating to the shaping of staff behaviors that are desired by the organization. In addition to the skills and qualifications of your work behaviors are in fact one of the basic requirements with respect to the employee. The implementation of a competence model facilitates understanding of the objectives of the company by employees because the language of behavior is more understandable for them. In addition, integrating policies on human resources development plans of the company allows you to make all HR decisions.

Our approach takes into account the analysis of the values and strategic objectives of the company and its organizational units, as well as full integration of various HR functions around the model of competence by basing personnel decisions on various competencies such as decisions about recruitment and selection, interim evaluation, remuneration or derecruitment.

Projects of this type include the identification of competencies, including competencies strategically important for the company, defining competencies together with a description of behavior at different levels, preparation of competency profiles, as well as the development and implementation of systems based on the model.

Description of exemplary competence – delegate

The ability to transfer responsibility for the implementation of specific actions with the necessary privileges and support through:

Interim Evaluation

Allows you to obtain reliable information about individual skills and the results of work of the employee. The results of the interim evaluation may be the foundation of making almost all personnel decisions including decisions of the development, careers, remuneration or derecrutiment. The result is the development and implementation of solutions for the systematic diagnosis of competence and effects of workers carried out by people from the company and/or its partners.

Periodic assessment is associated with the development of appropriate forms of evaluation criteria, procedures and principles for evaluation. It can be realized with respect to the methods 180 and 360 degrees.

Management through Objectives

Management through objectives is a systematic approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation of employees realized by setting goals and evaluating the results of actions. Management by objectives involves a change in the management philosophy of the company. Management through objectives is the best – proven and most used management concept. It puts the greatest emphasis on the inclusion of employees in the management process, gives you the freedom to decide on their own activities under the realised objectives and allows for shaping individual development according to the individual needs of the employee. “Motivating the participation” is the basic premise of MTO – it means that the person who is affected on the decisions and concrete action is motivated to action have been met.

Our solutions allow for the introduction of a coherent management system based on the work of the company’s strategy and the introduction of the possibility of a rational system of distributing salary budget variables. It also allow you to ensure the repeatability of the process in the next few years.

Activities in this area involves the elaboration of detailed rules, procedures and mechanisms for performance management, adequate training of employees in the definition of objectives, support for defining goals at all levels of management and the development of procedures for monitoring and billing purposes.

Cascading objectives within the MBO.

Talent Management Programs

In an era of aggressive competition and rapid changes in the market, there is a struggle for workers with above-average competence and high potential for the development. In view of the above it is necessary to program activities involving exploration, recruitement, development, appreciating talent and efficient using their capacity by the company due to implementation of its strategy.

Our services include: Refining your talents and identifing them, preparation of the tools using to assess their potential, exploration and design principles to attract talent as well as strategy of development and motivation, develop and implement individual development plans to propose a tool for assessing progress and recommend actions and steps to exploit their potential in the organization.

Our approach allows to emerge a group of employees with highly developed powers who quickly adapt to the changing conditions of the organization in the market, willing to take on new tasks/projects and quickly learn to enter the new responsibilities. Also helps to build commitment and loyalty to the company selected talents and strengthen their motivation to work. In addition, cost reduction will allow recruitment by focusing on internal recruitment of qualified workers into the pool of talent (especially in the case of managerial positions) and optimize expenditure on development activities through their focus on employees with the greatest growth potential.