Job and Roles System Design

We offer solutions  which increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs in organization of work. This will create conditions for the development and adaptability of enterprises through the application of new solutions in the field of organization of work, forms of work, management of economic change and the effective use of human capital already held.

Our services in the area of organization of work include the following:

Employment Restructuring

Services of Executive Networks within the framework of downsizing include proposing an optimal level of employment on the basis of job security system followed by a recommendation of any actions arising from the needs of the company related to the performance of the process of downsizing, including outplacement, retraining employees, proposing changes in the budgets of wages, outsourcing and other solutions and support in discussions with the social.

Restructuring of employment allows you to optimize the level of employment in the organization by defining the quantitative and qualitative demand for human capital and the development plans of any reduction and other optimization solutions.

Job Security System

Job Security System involves the analysis of the organization defining staffing needs with the objectives and tasks of the company and the individual units with an indication on possible shortage of employment.

The result of the activities conducted by Executive Networks is to optimize the number of employees in the organization.