Interim Managers

Highly qualified managers are the basic asset of ENP. They are specialists with proven successes track , with professional approach to their jobs, ready to face the most difficult challenges within their competence.

In our efforts to meet the customers’ expectations, being responsible for results, ENP cooperates with experienced staff who have tuned out to be efficient managers in their previous jobs. Experienced managers participate in Interim Management projects, supporting our customers on the operating level.

Interim Manager is often described as an experienced manager, consultant or director, all in one person, able to accomplish tasks perfectly, also at the senior management level. Usually, these are persons delegated to achieving a concrete result within the confines of time. The standard term of employment of an Interim Manager is 3 to 9 months.

Should you have such the competences and if you are interested in starting cooperation with our company, please send us your cv with cover letter to or directly to Artur Kara┼Ť, Managing Director Interim Management and Business Coaching:

Young professionals/ Internship applicants

ENP is also interested in cooperation with young professionals, people with in-depth knowledge supported with achievements, ambitious and active, who have already had first experiences in the consulting business or on the capital market.

ENP offers the career path, along which young professionals participate in the projects realized, cooperate with experienced managers, completing the tasks entrusted to them. Their role is suited to their skills and experience and it changes with the progress of their career.

Career path in ENP:

Business Analyst

Participation in various projects


Advisor, project manager, participation in various projects

Senior Associate

Project manager

Associate Partner

Managing Director responsible for one of the company business line


Manage and represent the company

If you are interested in working with ENP, please send us your cv with cover letter to: